Earthworx - Natural building workshops and projects.

Earthworx located on the Wild Coast of South Africa, conduct workshops, community upliftment and volunteer projects focusing on natural building techniques using adobe & cob to build, amongst other things: clay ovens, sweat lodges, cob homes, and finished with mosaics & natural paint. For upcoming Earthworx workshops and projects: Contact Marinda
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  • Natural building workshops, projects.

    Earthworx workshops and the Kraal volunteer project will continue to be hosted by the Kraal Retreat in Mpande. That does not mean that Earthworx workshops will be restricted to the Kraal only. I intend to keep working on the volunteer centre at the Kraal, but also to be available for workshops and projects around South Africa for anybody with a genuine interest in Natural building and sustainability.

    The Kraal, Mpande

    Over the last couple of months the Kraal Retreat,at Mpande, have been hosting my Eartworx workshops. We've had a tremendous response from the local community. It has been very successful and I hope to continue and expand my vision of uplifting the community in this area. Being a retreat I thought it a good idea to incorporate the Mexican sweat lodge (Temazcal) at the Kraal.