The coast between the towns of Port St Johns and Coffee Bay is renowned for many beautiful lagoons, and one of the loveliest of the Wild Coast’s many parks - the Hluleka Nature Reserve. The beaches are punctuated with extraordinary rocky outcrops shaped into strange formations by the wind. In winter the indigenous forest is ablaze with the scarlet blossoms of the coral tree (Erithryna lysistemon).

The reserve has accommodation in wooden chalets on stilts overlooking the sea. From the balconies you should be able to see hundreds of dolphins lazily dipping through the surf. There is a small shop.

The reserve itself is a wanderers’ paradise, with hundreds of little meandering paths. You could encounter blesbuck, zebra and wildebeest. On the beach you will find the tracks of otter. The forest is rich in incredible bird- life reverberating through the trees – sunbirds, canaries, herons, and the jewel in the crown: the fabulous, elusive narina trogon.

You will need a permit to fish – this permit can be obtained when you make your booking through the Nature Conservation Office in Umtata.

Many operators run hiking trails along this stretch of coast, with accommodation in local guest homes.

To get here, travel from Umtata towards to Port St Johns. At Libode take a right turn and travel through Ntibane to reach the Hluleka Nature Reserve.

Tel / Fax : +27 (0)47 531-5290


A group of friends plans to run along the Transkei coast from Port St Johns to the Haven, in November this year. We plan to be at Hluleka for the evening of 23 November, so could we make a booking for 8 (four doubles or whatever you may have)? Would it be possible to book meals - lunch and supper for the 23 nov and a light breakfast on 24 nov? I look forward to your response Stephen Granger

We were there in March 2012 and it was the best holidy ever!!!! I will definately go again.

i would like to make a booking for 3 ppl ( 2 adults & 1 12yr old kid) 1 room on the 28/12/2012

Can anyone tell me if and SUV is required to get to the Park or just a nice to have, I'm hoping to visit in early December.

What's the fishing like at hluleka??

 Hi David,

As far as I know it's a Marine Protected Area and fishing is not allowed in the reserve.

Good spots around Manzimungcu and Strachans Bay to the west of the reserve, however, and to the east after the Mnenu River - which is also part of the MPA.



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