Le Petit Provence

The theme for the Guest House is taken from the unique living style and interiors of Provence in the South of France. These are medieval structures that endured the ages where weather and erosion have left its marks on these grand buildings. Somewhere between country living and a quiet little town one will find these almost fortress like buildings. They impress but at the same time discharge romantic images of an era gone past.

It features a combination of simple, almost humble dwellings, rectangular in shape but incorporating arches, balconies and shutter windows to give it its definitive style. Rounded of with lavender fields, tall thin and dark green conifers, olive and other trees cut on topary style, an old style village fountain and lavish Mediterranean vegetation makes this a style as unique as one can get.

Le Petit Provence (Little Provence) brings a piece of Arles and Avignon, the playground of Vincent van Gogh, to Cintsa

Le Petit Provence provides the guest with breathtaking views of the warm Indian ocean, where whales and dolphins are frequently spotted. Lagoon, beaches and bay stretches from left to right for almost 25 kms.


Please let me know urgently whether you have accomodation for 2 adults. 27 - 30 Dec 2010. Thank you in advance.

Hi, Do you have availability Sunday night, 10th July 2011? Two adults, two children(7&11) Please call as I'm on the road. Kind regards Brendon Lahana 084-637-2357 Principal St Francis Bay Leisure Accommodation

Goodday Could you please give me a quote on your accomodation for the weekend of 16 - 18 March 2012. 2- Adults 2- children (Ages 11, 15)

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