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Umtata River Mouth

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It's located within walking distance from a beach that was voted the best beach in South Africa by Getaway magazine. It's simply the most amazing place in the whole Transkei.

If you are looking to get away from everything and all you want to do is relax. Anchorage is the place for you.
Beautiful surroundings, walking distance to the beach, play ground for the little ones.
Everything you could hope for.
The PERFECT place for a Holiday.

I have been to this hotel and the staff are nice and rooms very clean!

Hi looking for camping rates and whether we can get there by car in november. thnks

Hi Mr Jef Brown. I am looking for a telephone number or web site for the Cebe Community tented Camp, strugling to find contact details, wish to camp there between Christmas and New Year. Cheers Glen Haefele (Cabbage)

Have you got contact number foe us.

Contact Details for Cebe Campsite Soso - Camp Manager - 076 561 2163 for conditions at the site. to reserve a site.

Hi, Can someone please help me. I am looking to book camping accomodation during easter at Cebe. I am not able to get hold of anyone that can help me. I have called Soso - Camp Manager on 076 561 2163. I also tried mailing them, no response. I did get hold of Soso, but got the following response. First he said the camp is closed. I questioned this and he then said that no booking is allowed and that I should just show up. Does anyone know if Cebe camp site is open? Can I just show up and book on arrival. Will I get a camping spot?

Been here, some pro's and cons: Pro's: Incredible sandy beach with shallow waters to left of hotel (about 250m walk) Good fishing spots within 500m Very friendly and helpful staff Swings,trampoline for kiddies Con's Rooms have hot water from 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm Some room fittings showing their age Some rooms a bit small (good for a couple)

We are planning on spending a few days in Coffee Bay in December 2011 (2 adults & 2 kids 9&11) Can anyone who has been there recently comment on general safety in the area & state of the roads please? What are the chalets at the Anchorage Hotel like?

Hi The Anchorage chalets are very basic but are situated out of town near the Mthatha river mouth. It is surrounded by a high fence and has security There are beautiful beaches They are a +/- 30 minute drive on good dirt road outside Coffee Bay but this is a good thing as Coffee bay has gone downhill over the past years. Thanks Jon Lown

Thanks for the info Jon! I'm looking forward to visiting the Wild Coast - but have no idea what to expect! The websites all have such mixed reviews & info from "STAY AWAY" to "BEST HOLIDAY EVER" Expect the worst & hope for the best?

Hi If you've never been then you should be bowled over by LOTS of natural beauty Just be cautious around Coffee Bay for petty things like theft from cars etc There are fantastic walks that can be done from Anchorage to Coffee Bay, and then also from CB to hole in the wall You can probably organise with Anchorage to collect you from hole in the wall hotel if you don't want to walk back If you want a really special hotel holiday you should head to the Haven hotel which is in the Cwebe reserve - road only really gets bad in Summer Thanks Jon Lown

Hi Jon Thanks again for the info. I think we are going to spend the holiday getting back to nature - away from the Gauteng rat race. Long daily walks will only be good for us! Look forward to quality family time too. I went to Port St Johns in 1974 (my 1st sea experience as a small girl). I'm sure things have changed a lot since then! I have asked for a quote from Haven hotel - but I get the idea there is no self-catering facilities there. Will keep them in mind for a next holiday. Thanks again. Regards, Heather

Hi Heather The last time I went down was 12 months ago. The tar road was so potholed you could lose a wheel, but they were fixing it so I am very sure it will be good now. Normally we stay at Mdumbi Backpackers which is 5kms north from Anchorage Hotel. Its nice for kids. There is no alcohol served at Mdumbi. The environment is very communal and child friendly. You know your kids are always entertained and taken care of. Its very safe. The Hotel is nice and secure also within its boundaries, but there are some hang abouts outside. Much better to stay there than in Coffee Bay itself. Much less crime. The beach at Mdumbi is stunning and so is the river. One of the safer rivers and bays to swim and snorkel in even with kids. Anchorage is nice and quiet and they have a pool, a restaurant and a bar. You can walk to Umtata Mouth to the south or Mdumbi to the north.

Hi Bronwen Thanks for your comments. It's always good to get 1st hand info. We'll take the plunge & go & explore the Wild Coast. I trust we'll be as good a holiday at the Anchorage as we'll have in Ballito! Watch this space....

which is best- cebe or dwesa camping sites? any comment on security at these 2 venues? we come a long way from cape town and want to make sure.

I come to cwebe every year. Love it. But there are no formal camping facilities. There is an area where people used to camp but it is pretty derelict without facilities. We rent rondavels from locals and it is extremely safe. You can also stay at the Haven hotel which has excellent food and rondavel accom. With regard to Dwesa it has a full camp site with a couple of chalets. All quite basic but probably quiet at this time of year. Also very safe as the reserves do not have much human traffic. It is more isolated than cwebe as there are no permanent residents.

we used to camp at cwebe 40 years back it had very pretty camp site. it was very isolated with few signposts back then. thanks anyway jon.

no email or telephone answer at anchorage hotel.anyone know if they still open?

Hi Scottie We spent a week there over Christmas, so yes, they are still open. You can try the owner Denzil on his cell number 083 269 6318. The hotel number is 047 575 9884. Their e-mail address is

Hi Scottie Whilst I have not been to Dwesa Camp site, I was at Cebe Camp Site in December 2010/January 2011, It was not being well run, and a number of the unfinished buildings had been condemned. In April 2011, I was at Cebe Cottages, whilst I was there, I was advised that Cebe Camp site had been closed, I am not sure as to what has happened since then. Regards Glen Haefele

thanks heather spoke to denzil this morning. how was the stay did you enjoy? any suggestions? what was the road like in particular the last bit?do we need 4x4 or can a car do it? also is it safe within and outside the premises (we are keen mountain bikers).

Hi Scottie Being used to RCI resorts, we were found the chalet to be a bit under equipped. We had a brilliant stay & would go back there without hesitating! I would advise taking camping chairs, fold up table, rope for a wash line, gas lamp etc (basic camping equipment). The beach is stunning. Kids were riding there on bikes too. The road from Viedgesville to Coffee Bay is HORENDOUS! HUGE pot holes & tar on one side of the road only at places. The ground road from Coffee Bay to Anchorage is 90% good. Some washed away are places, but a car will probably do. (We had a bakkie & the bigger wheels are probably advisable) If you want to go to Hole-in-the-Wall I would not go by car. Very slippery when wet. We got stuck & skidded a few times. (Clay soil, I think) The area around the Anchorage seems very safe. I never felt threatened or unsafe - even with the Christmas day crowd everywhere. Could be a nice bike ride to Mdumbi River mouth. Truly a beautiful part of the country.

The resort itself is fenced in. Even though there is direct access to the beach, the locals do not come into the grounds & will wait at the wall to sell you crayfish & oysters etc. The area is very hilly - but it would make for good mountain biking - especially if you are fit!! I would strongly advise taking your own drinking water too. There are a few spaza shops around, but I'm not sure how well stocked they are, so plan catering well. Denzil & the staff are wonderful & they added to making a memorable holiday.

thanks heather you are very helpful. just the road again. if we stay put at the hotel just getting there from the PSJ road- how is that road? should we rather come in our 4x4? also does the chalets have sea view? do you have pics- as denzil said their internet/mail is off.

i see now its pretty far from port st johns- what road does one take to get there?

Hi Scottie There was a family there with us that went from Umtata on the R61 (as per GPS instructions) & said that the ground road was terrible! If you have a 4x4 I'd advise using it. Don't know the area around there, so can't advise you any more on the roads. Some of the units do have sea views from the stoep. The sea is less than 100m from the chalets. Do u have an e-mail address?

Hi Scottie Did u receive the mails I sent?

we have options of going to hluleka or dwesa. which reserves and bungalows are the best? what road to hluleka should i take?

Hi Scottie Proceed through Mthatha to Port st Johns, after Libode, there is a turn of to your right to Hluleka. I would suggest that you obtain Slingsby's map of the Wild Coast, it even has GPS coordinates, and is extremely helpful. Outdoor Warehouse sells them for approximately R 75.00. Regards Glen Haefele

thanks glen i will do. any comment on the preferred reserve?

If you're coming from East London and have a tough vehicle, it's worth shaving about 50km off the trip by going Viedgesville, towards Coffee Bay, then take the turn-off to Umtata Mouth and at the T-junction go east toward Presley Bay, then past Umngazana to Hluleka. If you don't know the area you definitely need Slingsby's map. The road between Umngazana Mtakatye and Hluleka is pretty slow going, but it is a beautifully scenic drive. (Hluleka gets my vote for the best self-catering accommodation, and possibly the most beautiful beach on the Wild Coast.)

thanks jeff

Good day, We would like to stay at Anchorage Hotel for April 2012, but i can not get in contact with you. I have emailed, faxed and tried the phone. Please give me feedback on where i can contact you to make our booking?

You can try the owner Denzil on his cell number 083 269 6318. The hotel number is 047 575 9884.

Which Town were you referring to when you wrote "situated out of town near the Mthatha river"?? F van Andel.

I have just spent an absolutley wonderful week at the Anchorage Hotel Umdumbi. To Denzil and his wonderful staff and friends thank you for a fantastic holiday, I will most definitley recommend it to all of my friends and I will most definitley return. To anybody going down this way I can recommend the Anchorage Hotel, rooms are clean, staff are helpful and friendly, there is a fully licensed resturaunt and bar. John Flannigan

What is the road like now was there a year ago were still working on it.

The road from Umtata to Coffee Bay was not too bad, couple of pot holes, the road from there is a dirt road of approximately 17km, this road is pretty poor unless you drive a 4 x 4.

Going by car what road is the best

I don't know of any other road to Anchorage, you can probably go by car on this road but it would be slow going.

The gravel roads to Umtata Mouth have been fixed. They should be good for another year. It appears that there was a school opening in the area and roads were fixed. Also Coffee Bay is under new management and there is great improvements there. Good security, good food, and great fishing and hiking spots.


Hi, the anchorage hotel is open and is doing well. Visited the place last week and was a good experience. Denzel is the owner/manager and I can provide you his number. Umtata River Mouth Tel: 047 575 9884 Denzil cell: 083 269 6318

Has anyone got any infomation on the Cebe Community Based Rest Camp? or any sort of camping in that immediate area. thanks

Dear Brad86, I do not have specific details on camp sites, but what I do know is that anchorage hotel does have a camping facility, so is the Coffee Bay at Bomvu. There is a camp site further away from Achorage Hotel in Mdumbi, and Presley Bay. If you are into nature reserves, Hluleka Nature Reserve has good accommodation facilities and fantastic views. When I go down that area I ll try and create a directory of camp sites and pass on to his channel. Regards

Hi I see that they are grading that huge sand heap away the one in front of the the hotel .Hope they are going to build steps so one doesnt have to climb the hill lol.

Is the Anchorage Hotel still operating? Heard it was closed. Want to come there some time but not sure what's happening?

Hill?? What hill, Tracy? It's a little sand dune from the beach to the hotel grounds.

Hi, Their website is no longer active, doesn't look too well. Been there in 2008, great experience, but already then owner frustrated due to too few guests. Best, Christian

Does anyone have pictures of the anchorgae hotel. Are the facilities good?

I spent 10 days there in December 2013, they have a restaurant, bar and swimming pool. John

Spoke to Denzil this afternoon. Had no problem at all getting hold of him. After a nice 'chat' about biased/bad publicity ...I decided to pay Anchorage Hotel a visit before or during April 2014. Looking forward to meeting with Denzil.

We stayed at the Anchorage in December 2011. It was a wonderful relaxing holiday. Miles of uncrowded beach. We stayed in the chalets. It definitely isn't 5 star, but was comfortable. Denzil was a wonderful host & went out of his way to ensure we were comfortable. We ended up booking a few extra nights - fell in love with the area & didn't want to go back home!

I have just returned from a marvelous 6 day stay at the Anchorage Hotel and wow what a FAB place it is ( 22 December 2013 - 27 Dec 2013) ...We travelled by car and found the roads NOT too bad.... Three ladies travelling alone sounds tough , but we had no problems finding the place....The host . Manager /Owner Denzil, is marvellous , humerous and very friendly. I admire his interaction with each and every person camping or staying on site and their safety and satsifaction are his priorities. The two bedroom chaletes are in good condition with equipment to enable self catering .eg. fridge, stove sink, double bed in one room , two 3/4 beds in the other room ...bedding is clean and rooms are neat and well maintained....Its a 5 min walk down to the beach from the chalets...The hotel offers scruptious food , the bar opened at all times - the staff amazing.....I would recommend this place to any person who wants to have a PEACEFUL and FUNFILLED holiday.... Thanks for Denzil for having me and my friends - Also a big thanks to the freindly staff members , Lumka, Meya , Jenell, Madala.....and those who made our holidays memorable...Mwah.........

hey did you go to Anchorage this Easter?how's it anyway bcoz I'm looking forward to spend festive holiday there

Nope, could not get away as we were swamped with hunters from mid-April. Turned out to be a very very busy hunting season. Might go there for a well deserved break afterwards!

I am pleased to advise that Anchorage Hotel is back on its feet and very busy again. I popped by the other day and was so surprised. The younger son Tevor is running it now and it looks and feels as though (late) Patrick Thurston is back again. The place has been revamped so everything is clean and shiny. We ordered a delicious meal and were surprised by the quality and portions. Truly well done Trevor, you really have dug in deep, will be back in September for sure.

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