Wild Coast Fund Raising CalendarWild Coast Fund Raising Calendar

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Mining of the Wild Coast dunes

The 'Greenfields' section of the N2 Toll road through Pondoland

Funds raised by your purchase of this calendar go to support residents of Pondoland's Wild Coast, in their ongoing battle to protect and conserve their living landscapes and prevent the shredding of their social fabric by the two massive development schemes.

They need support to gain access to information and effective legal representation in their planned court challenge, over government`s failure to engage them in open and transparent decision making about the N2 Wild Coast `Troll` Road, and the award of mining rights for the Xolobeni mineral sands. The `developments` will benefit cash-rich outsiders and be paid for by cash-poor rural residents and the natural environment.

This is more than just a calendar.
It is a collaborative work of art that magnifies the spectacular natural beauty of the place and amplifies the heartfelt convictions of the people on how development decisions ought to be made in a democratic society.

Calendar Details
. A3 wall calendar with wiro binding
. Beautiful photographs taken by world renowned environmental photographer, Cheryl Alexander

Page a month with challenging quotes from traditional leaders, elected local political representatives and youth activists.

The Ama-Xhosa of the Transkei

This is a must-have book for your coffee table...

£1 (GBP) from the sale of each book will be donated to Sustaining the Wild Coast (www.swc.org.za), a registered NPO responsible for halting the mining at Xolobeni, and currently waging a protracted legal battle, alongside the Pondoland residents, to stop the N2 troll road.

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The Ama-Xhosa of the Transkei - by Deryck Lang. Edited by Dianne Lang

Gqira: Priest-divinerGqira: Priest-divinerA photo journal depicting and explaining the customs of the amaXhosa, the largest tribe in South Africa.

Deryck spent his life among the amaXhosa in the Transkei, and was a respected member and Elder of the amaTshezi; the foremost clan of the Bomvana tribe. The photographs he took are a testament of his enduring love of the people, and their deep respect for him. Deryck "Mdesaleni" Lang: 1934 - 2009Deryck "Mdesaleni" Lang: 1934 - 2009

Few, if any, outsiders have been as privileged to photograph tribal customs and ceremonies, to share in their fortunes and their sorrows; and to live amongst them their entire life. Deryck captured an intimate glimpse into what could sadly be the end of a cultural era.

Deryck was a true African in the deepest sense of the word, a man who epitomised the meaning of "Ubuntu" and "Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu".

Lala Ngoxolo Mdesaleni

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