travel tips

Travel Tips

1. We urge visitors to travel to the Wild Coast during daylight hours, and slowly, as the roads are not fenced and you are likely to meet a Transkei speedtrap in the form of a large animal. There are also potholes which are unavoidable at any kind of speed, as well as small, misleading dirt tracks leading from the feeder roads, so it is all too easy to get lost at night.

2. Be alert for reckless drivers.

3. Bring good walking shoes along with you, something warm for unexpected temperature fluctuations, a costume, towel, hat, sunblock and a good insect repellent.

4. The Tourist Safety Unit can be reached on 047-5052662.

10111 South African Police Services
10177 Ambulance Emergency Medical Services
112 Vodacom, Virgin, MTN, Cell C Emergency Number (148 for contract subscribers)

Mapuzi Police Station 047 575 9000 (Coffee Bay and surrounds)

5. Xhosa Phrasebook:

To Baz Bus or Not To Baz Bus

With thanks to Claudia Wu for this insightful article outlining the pleasures and pitfalls of traveling the magic bus. Read more of her great travel tips and stories: Where Wu At 11 AUG 2011 For those planning on traveling around South Africa, there is a very convenient backpacker-geared transportation service called Baz Bus. Basically, they provide transportation between backpackers/hostels in major destinations with door-to-door service. They also sell a type of ticket which allows you to hop on/hop off wherever you want for a fixed price. Personally, I decided not to go with Baz Bus because I wanted to get a local feel of South Africa by traveling as locals do. However, I would say 90% of the people I met used Baz Bus to get around. Here are some pros and cons that I found with Baz Bus (having to take it occasionally out of necessity):