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Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve

Tucked along South Africa's breathtaking Wild Coast, Inkwenkwezi is a world-class big five game reserve with an emphasis on luxury and thoughtful details. Inkwenkwezi's prime location in the malaria-free Eastern Cape of South Africa offers many unique opportunities, as it encompasses five different regional ecosystems (biomes) and a tidal estuary. This rich diversity of landscape offers unparalleled wildlife viewing. The reserve is just five minutes from magnificent beaches and a short, convenient drive from the East London airport Inkwenkwezi offers spacious and well-appointed luxury tented accommodation to guests in our Valley and Bush Camps; nestled in intimate, leafy settings on the incomparable Wild Coast. Snuggle down into an easy chair to watch the wildlife from the comfortable perch of your own timber viewing deck at Inkwenkwezi Private game Reserve. ACTIVITIES:

Marine Protected Areas

The following Nature Reserves are Marine Protected Areas, and have a strictly "no fishing allowed" policy. Dwesa-Cwebe Marine Protected Area No fishing is allowed between the western bank of the mouth of the Suku River (in the District of Elliotdale) and Human’s Rock (in the district of Willowvale), including the tidal portion of the Mbashe River, extending six nautical miles seawards of the high-water mark. Hluleka Marine Protected Area No fishing is allowed adjacent to the Hluleka Nature Reserve (in the Ngqeleni District), extending six nautical miles seawards from the high-water mark. Mkambati Marine Protected Area No fishing is allowed between the eastern bank of the mouth of the Mtentu River and the western bank of the mouth of the Msikaba River, including the tidal portions of these two rivers.

Silaka Nature Reserve: scenic serenity

  • Posted on: 27 February 2009
  • By: Pierre

Having recently visited Port St Johns after an absence of almost 5-years (post living and working there), I was once again taken by the stunning landscapes in general and the beauty in particular of the Silaka Nature Reserve. This has prompted me to add it to the trivago travel community of which I am a member. Should anybody wish to expand it by uploading their pictures and reviews of Silaka it would be much appreciated.


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Dwesa / Cwebe


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These two relatively small reserves, separated by the Mbashe River, are situated in the central Wild Coast. They are bordered on the one side by the Indian Ocean and on the other by rugged grasslands of the former Transkei. Both reserves are primarily covered by lowland forest but also support grasslands and acacia scrub. There are a total of 290 bird species recorded in the reserves, with at least a hundred to be found on a given visit. Being relatively under- birded, the number of known birds is ever increasing. Although a day will suffice in each reserve, at least three days is required/recommended to make the trip worthwhile.


The coast between the towns of Port St Johns and Coffee Bay is renowned for many beautiful lagoons, and one of the loveliest of the Wild Coast’s many parks - the Hluleka Nature Reserve. The beaches are punctuated with extraordinary rocky outcrops shaped into strange formations by the wind. In winter the indigenous forest is ablaze with the scarlet blossoms of the coral tree (Erithryna lysistemon).

The reserve has accommodation in wooden chalets on stilts overlooking the sea. From the balconies you should be able to see hundreds of dolphins lazily dipping through the surf. There is a small shop.


Right near the Mtentu River / XolobeniContact Reservations: Tel: 043 7019600 Fax: 043-742 5566 Reservations Contact Number: 043 7019600 Reservations Fax: 086 6111623 E-mail: or Or Eastern Cape Tourism Board Umtata Booking Office Tel: (047) 5315290 Fax: (047)5315291 Visitors to the Wild Coast will find the scenic Mkambati Nature Reserve one of the highlights of their trip. Situated close to the KwaZulu-Natal border, the reserve's coastline stretches along 10km of rugged, rocky beaches, offering visitors a glimpse of unspoilt nature. Other scenic features include forested ravines, a swamp forest and splashing waterfalls. Attractions


This small but beautiful coastal reserve lies in a forested valley south of Port St Johns, and stretches from Second Beach to Sugarloaf Rock.

Trails lead through the evergreen forest and provide the opportunity to view elusive birds such as Knysna Loerie, Cinnamon Dove and Grey Cuckooshrike. The Gxwaleni River flows through the forest and you should look out for Halfcollared Kingfisher and Longtailed Wagtail at fast flowing stretches. Giant forest trees are clad in mosses, lichens and epiphytic orchids, while lilies bloom on the forest floor. Blue Duiker and Bushbuck are indigenous to the forest but are secretive and seldom seen.