Seagulls Hotel

Fly In! Seagulls is one of the few hotels on the Wild Coast with a landing strip.

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The landing strip was developed by Tony Chemally who once owned the Trennerys Hotel back in the 60's and 70's not Seagulls. I grew up in the Transkei and clearly remember Seagulls in the early days when the likes of Beau Brummel used to be guests and the local press and others from as far afeild as East London and PE used to flock to Seagulls to record "les bon mots" of the early celebrities. Seagulls used to be a happening place in the early 60's thru to the 70's. Is the fishing still good off "Ginger's Hole", a site named after a former relative of mine, and do the Joint's still frequent to pub after all these years. If so give Pikky Joint a kick in the arse from his cousin Steve.
Missing Seagulls
Steve Thorne


Where is this landing strip located? is it near the Raptors View Lodge?
Any Co-Ordinates available?

South 32' , 38' 05,1'
East 28' , 25' , 38,1'
Length 1300m

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