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 I have a subscription to Time Magazine, courtesy of my dad. Mostly for toilet reading 'Murica's FP - but it can be interesting.

This article is scanned from Time Magazine, 22 August 2013 edition, but does not otherwise appear online:


Revisionism or scripted, it stinks. To hell and high heaven. I even commented to my friend Kate that I had lucid nightmares and weird dreams that night. Didn't know what was brewing then; but if you have a flaky intuition, or weird spiritual dis-ease like mine, you might know that evil is walking the earth again.

George E. Neumann.... very relevant, Zap!


Otherwise where is it at: http://swampland.time.com/tag/barack-obama/ !?

Update: NSA/Palantir 13:59


Posted this response to a FB friend's support of Obomba's imminent intervention:

I think you're confusing 'left' with 'moderate'. There is a time and place to intervene, perhaps, but not with such flimsy, uncorroborated evidence of a bleached 'red line' or cognizance of the vested interests. /As I've seen elsewhere; and I'm by no means fluent on the subject, I think it was Chomsky who said that Assad should personally be charged and brought to account. The Military Industrial Complex is manufacturing evidence for this periodical/inevitable war and sorely needed capital injection. Watch Halliburton shares. And the price per bbl. 

3 September 2013, 21:00


Alfred E. Mad

My guess was that there'd be

My guess was that there'd be a spike on keywords... And it happens to be a truly quixotic mission (one way or the other)... Methinks they should throttle their connections to 3'rd World country domains. (I imagine that might help, somehow.) But I don't know why I keep thinking Karl and Marx whenever of Dr. Alexander C. Karp.

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