The Wild Coast is a magical unspoiled South African wilderness. Are you in favor of the proposed toll road along the Wild Coast?


What is seldomnly mentioned about the "'toll road'' is that it is to be used to cart the Titanium, back to Durban. A road we do not need, yet will be paying for. ?

Question is, who took money from whom, to propose such an '' idea'' ?

This is 'the road to dune mining and destruction of the wildcoast."

The EIA processes are somewhat flawed for the toll road and the titanium mine. Also why is the EIA for the toll road open for public comment over the Christmas period, when most are happliy using the existing N2?

Who do you speak for when you say "we" because you do not represent the people of Amadiba and Amampondo. Maybe keep your opinion to yourself we need the road

Im not sure if you were referring to me with the above comment....but when i say "we", i'm referring to the thousands who have voted "NO" to the toll road.[75%] where as the people of Amadiba and Amampondo failed to get even 20% of the "yes" vote, so my opinion counts....would you not say mmmmmmm?? What you people need is a few decent gravel roads in your area!!

NO! the new route should be along the existing R61

First of all let me try to reply to some of the comments’ don't agree with all these people who continues to say they don't want the proposed N2 along the coast.
The fact of the matter is that we as people who are residing along the coast we want this road because we continue to be stranded and suffering in terms of paying Huge amount when we are travelling because of Huge Displacement.
e.g. from Lusikisiki to Port Edward you need to go via Bizana, of which this is unnecessary, because if you got N2 along the coast you will just go strait.
The online comments are not going to assist us since the majority of the affected areas are Rural areas, and they don't have internet access.e.g Baleni,Xholobeni,Mgwede,gumzana,Mkhambati,flagstaff, to post st jons
Therefore another device to test either people want N2 or not is seriously needed especial in Rural areas, I am saying this because I from one of those rural areas to be specific Baleni Location/Amadiba at Bizana next Xholobeni.
We as people from Baleni we are wearied about the continuous sabot arch in our in terms Road, Mining and other things in terms of Development of Baleni and Xhlobeni.
Some of them they continued to be stooges of other people to say they don't want road or mining while they don't have even a Cent to sustain their family.
We know that they want this N2+ mining but they are told to say they don't want it.

I love my place


Monwabisi Ncayiyana

Sounds like you travel a lot etc
Well if you want what a big city has then move there.
Durban Jozi East London etc.
If you love your rural area then stay.
A toll road will kill the rural peace.
I don't get your thinking.
It's selfish short term thinking.
Not logical long term thought. Wake up.

I am dissappointed by your comment Monwabisi, its seem as if you are not critical thinking in this issue.  This toll road is geared towards generating profit than helping the poor. I am from the area, I need tarred roads in the area but not fast, paid, killing roads that will put people in more poverty than ever before. Can you tell me any toll road that is reducing poverty in the world. The toll road will bypass Bizana, Flagstaff and other towns, and that will have serious results to the business sectors in these towns including taxi industry. Taxi industry will die in these towns. Wake up, and be critical.

Monwabisi may not be able to but I could point out countless examples of major roads projects across the world which are inevitably toll roads bringing major development and thus reducing poverty (just Google it if you doubt me). World Bank studies conclusivly show a greater economic return on investment for roads than any other type of infrastructure. There is a saying for those in the know - "Development follows roads, not the other way around" Qaukeni and Mbizana municipalities both have a large extremly poor population but have one of the lowest concentrations of roads in the country - comparable only to areas of the sparsly populated Northern Cape where farms are 30 000ha each and almost no-one lives. The local population in these two municipalities suffers terribly because of their lack of access to social amenities and commercial centres, nothing but subsistance farming is possible and tourism is extremly limited. This road will change this completely! If you had read the comprehensive studies made you would know that the Toll road will not reduce but will increase business in Flagstaff and Bizana! Local taxis will not suffer but will boom (they will get local user discounts on the toll roads, more people will have access to them and more people will have jobs and thus be able to afford them) Tolling is necessary as it is the only way to fund this desperetly needed but very expensive infrastructure howver the benefits far far far outweigh the disadvantages! (see my further comments below under "yes! yes!yes! to the toll road") So in conclusion it is YOU that needs to be more critical...... in your collection and analysis of all information - don't be swept up by the hearsay, sensationalist newspaper articles and, sorry to say this, misinformed comments on sites like this. yours 'Mlungu' (someone who truly has the best interests of the Pondoland people and the Eastern Cape at heart)

Why would you want to destroy yet another natural place? The wild coast's unique flavour and main attraction comes from the very fact that it is not easily accessible and is thus preserved in a relatively natural state. That natural state results in a wonderful recharging escape from our crappy modern lifestyle. It's available to ANYONE (i.e. it does not discriminate toward those with big pockets or of a certain colour or whatever) but you have to really want to go there and enjoy it for what it is - real. And typically this attracts people that actually cares for the environment. It keeps the 'casual' tourist, that's looking for Disney like attractions, away. Build a road along the coast and it will soon become swamped by 'quick buck' enterprises, plastic attractions, casinos, big business, restaurants, housing developments etc. and pretty soon it will be just the same as any other piece of coastline. Over populated, commercial, someone else's vision of what they think you'd be willing to fork out some of your hard earned cash for. Slowly but certainly it will become the playground for those with deeper pockets and RUINED for everyone else. And the only way you'd be able to identify something as natural is if there is a little sticker under it that says "Authentic - not made in China". If you live there and feel isolated - MOVE, go somewhere else or realise that you truly are in paradise and accept that the tradeoff is some inconvenience. Come on, wake up and think this thorough. Look, excuse my french guys, but leave the WILD Coast the FUCK ALONE. There are LOTS of developed coastlines for you to go if that tickles your fancy but there are VERY few left like this.



Well said Johan : )

The question of a road along the coastal line has been the talk of the town for a long time now.  It is true that there are those party that want to further their greedy interest as it has been the case before, not forgetting that the really aborigines of the place also want some kind of civilization in their birth place.


The people of Amadiba Tribal Authority, particularly, Xholobeni/ Baleni, has suffered a lot in the past, I mean under our present government where we were being ignored as it is still the case now with regard to community development.  To mention but a few, we have spent the better part of 15 years of ANC rule without a proper road.  The road has only been being renovated until somewhere kwaMpisi as if the community of eBaleni and Xholobeni are second class citizen.


Most communities around South Africa has benefited big time from the government, they have proper road, houses, schools equipped with modern equipment like computers, entertainment facilities like playing grounds and so forth. Let this be our era as aMampondo. Why does it look like we do not exist? The toll road is not really our priority but the community development.  Let us all share in the country’s wealth not the individuals but every one from the grassroots level.


Maintain the present road to acceptable standard.


Obed Zamekile Ncamane (Jimmy)






Can I please get a figure on the price of using the toll-road. Perhaps if this is put on the table, then maybe the 21% that voted to keep the toll-road will change their mind. If the cost is cheap, then there will need to be a price agreed to in the long term (i.e. 10% increase per year). Otherwise, as always happens, the price will be "affordable" until the toll-road is opened!

The toll road will kill the beauty, tranquility and peace of the Wild Coast and corrupt the beautiful people who live there. Spend much less in funds in regularily maintaining and grading existing gravel roads to improve tourism and so empower the local inhabitants, and utilise the huge sum of money that it will be saved in constructing the road, many bridges and the necessary infrustructure in providing clean water, proper sanitation and electricity

You surely do not know what you are talking about. The people you are refering to wake up at 4 in the morning to go to town and travell over 3 to 4 hours to get there. They pay R30 to and R30 from town. Then you say they spend less. If a person is sick he will wait for the following day to go to town and if he does not make it tough luck. Tell me something else

U knw if U r not a Baleni/Xholobeni residence dere z no need for U to talk about de road dat go via dose places Bcz U might be allready having de road in Ur place, so Ur coments might be aimed at making dat area to remain poor as it z now, so I would like dose people to just keep quiet and mind deir Businesses.

Eish!!! my bra if u only read wot i wrote to the very end Yho!! pls read again, then u will see that at the end of my message i said, wot u people need is......."A COUPLE OF GRAVEL ROADS IN YR AREA" .....yr problem is solved, but please fucking toll road, it will make u poorer!

eznkul, whoever you are, I appreciate that you're commenting at all, but can you try to keep your comments to the point and not simply blow your horn like some Malema-like authoritarian cadre? It is the whole country's concern, a) because it will destroy an internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot and as signatory to the UN Convention on Biodiversity, the South African govt will be in contravention of international obligations. b) Not everyone is stupid enough to 'buy' into the myopic western dream of fast cars, big houses, endless luxury and pretty toys, the way our ministers and tenderpreneurs are doing. It is not a wholesome or sustainable life, and it is going to come crashing around the heads of their children some day. Just look at what's happening in Europe and America now. Many, if not the majority of people from Baleni are fighting tooth and claw against the troll road because they know that will destroy the environment and their peaceful culture forever. The only people in favor of it are those with vested interests. Like you, quite evidently. The 75km reduction of the trip between Durban and E.L. is not worth the cost in social or environmental terms. That road, if it happens, will be the first blow of a fatal wound, right in the heart of the Wild Coast.

I hate bunny huggers, I'm going to go right now at drive my HUMMER on the beaches of the eastern cape, and I won't into trouble because I just bride the local cops, who even offer to help take the four wheels off the trailer for my kids to ride around as well :-)

You wish you had a HUMMER!

wow you seem so well educated..

you're cool your hummer bru!!!your dad must have really harassed you to make you think like a prick.and don't say i'm a bunny hugger, simply because i hate them too,but you have to consider that the transkei is one of the most pristine,unspoilt places you can go to have a unique experience.and since you're so blind to the fact that the ban of motor-vehicles on the beaches is 'retarded',i'm sure you wouldn't have noticed that fish stocks on rsa coasts have increased.the transkei can only be considered as untouchable by those who have experienced it,and you blatantly haven't,because your hummer could take you to the top o table mountain if you wanted it're a doos,don't make comments and pass judgment based on opinion,it makes you look like a real asshole.

Its easy to see why you would do that... you can't even spell or write English properly!

Dear Sir, I`m not a great fan of the type myself, however I have found that Humper owners stood in the same que as Ferrari owners when willies were handed out. Leave the huggers alone they are needed in this insane world and some of them actually do good.

First of all we now have to get permits or else get a fine of R2500.All the tourist that visits the wild coast does not know about that, there are no boards stating that a person has to have a permit to drive there.I think the permit story is a money making thing of the government once again.We've been going to Kobonqaba for many years and this is the first that you need a permit to go there.A person now has to go to the offices to get a permit for each visit of which is your time and petrol and you have to fill in the same forms everytime, why not give the permit for a year then..During week days when there are no potroling officers i ask you is anybody checking the vehicles then?but only on holidays do they want to drive around and fly around checking that people do have their permits just to make money off people that have no knowledge of the permit.

You don't need a permit to go to Kobonqaba. It's only if you go off the actual roads that you will be fined.

What is this talks of permits ?!! Just wondering because I am planning a trip up to the West Coast

Hi Sarah, As far as I know, it shouldn't affect the West Coast at all. The Wild Coast is subjected to one of the last pieces of legislation passed by the Transkei Government before re-incorporation into SA: The Coastal Conservation Area decree - which prohibits any development or off-road activity within 1000m from the high-water mark. It's a very mixed blessing, and in fact sometimes a curse. But it does have environmental conservation uppermost in mind. So effectively no vehicles are allowed to go off the demarcated roads without a permit. This places some legendary fishing spots, like Hlungulwana and Mbolompo near Hole in the Wall, for example, out of reach for anyone but permit holders. And permits are simply unobtainable lately, from what I understand. Apart from recreational fishing, this effectively prohibits new cottage developments; but doesn't seem to apply to local residents; as informal dwellings within the CCA are multiplying at an alarming rate. It's a very complex land tenure/rights issue, but my opinion (FWIW) is that some tourism and even cottage developments could be very good, too. It's kinda like North American Indian reservations (or former bantustans) without any of the benefits, here. There's a lot more to the issue, obviously, but effectively the Wild Coast is bound by the 1913 Natives Land Act and the 1936 Land Act, and as such is held in stasis some 100 years in the past.

We can all breath a sigh of relief now that the government has withdrawn the mining rights for the area. What should happen in the area is that Sanparks should implement a strategy similar to that implemented in the Richtersveld whereby while the area is managed as a national park local communities may continue to utilise and live in the area as they have always done and all lodges and other accomodation established should involve local communities.

How many people who are opposed to the Toll Road have actually read the Environmental Impact Assessment report plus all the specialist studies? From the comments here I'll guess a big fat zero! Don't be fooled by your notions of the local "noble peasants" being better off without this road THEY WANT THE ROAD!!!!! This road won't destroy the pristine and beautifull area it will enhance it and open it up for many more people to come and ejoy it. Development of the Eastern Cape needs the restrictive apartheid legacy that is the current narrow, winding, steep N2 between Mthatha and Port Edward bypassed with a new road that will shave up to 3 hours of the trip - significantly reducing freight and travel costs, creating thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly, boost tourism to the Eastern Cape, create 2 magnificent bridges that will be tourist attractions in their own right and engineering marvels to be proud of, etc.etc. etc. See the big picture - the positives far outweigh the negatives- so please don't be selfish people!?

i think the people who are being selfish are people like you. i am one of the people who will be directly affected by this toll road. if this project proceeds it will force some of us to move from our homes, never mind the natural habitat or the wilderness or whatever you call it. these homes are where we grew up, where our kids grew up and granparents lived, these homes are what define us and what about our families which are burried there and our friends. the disturbances to hundreds of people whose homes fall in the path of this road, well it might bring joy to you cause you are just thinking of money but for us you will be taking away something that can never be replaced not even by millions because it is priceless and you are talking about apartied, yes it brought pain to us but it never shielded itself with democracy.

Anonymous.....the great man..Nelson Mandela made this a democratic country, where we all are free and have the right 2 live any where, especially where our forefathers have lived and died. You have a democratic right not 2 move, as the hundreds of others have, stand 2gether and fight it. This is the same as the apartheid forced removals, and it is against the laws of this country. Please check with a top notch lawyer or advocate bout this whole scam!! I have the feeling u guys cud walk this one, as long as all of you want it!!

What you are not telling the public is that people who are affected by the road have been paid and moved already. Maybe the biggest pain is to take them back if the road does not proceed. The road has to continue this time we need it urgently

Anonymous did u read the comment[above yr comment] made by a guy who is affected by this toll rd. Now he has not been paid or moved, so where do u suck this hogwash from?????

Pray tell: how do you "shave up to 3 hours" off a 7 hour trip by making a 667km route 75km shorter? Is that perchance by implementing some of the bypass plans for Umtata and other bottlenecks which should have been done 20 years ago?

You have obviously not driven the section of the N2 between Mthatha and Port Edward via Brooks neck very often. Between Mthatha and Kokstad the N2 rises up to over 1700m above sea level (i.e. higher than Jhb) along a steep, narrow, winding route that particulalry for freight trucks and everyone caught behind them for long sections of road is grindingly slow. The new route will be far flatter, with wide shoulders and passing lanes. This combined with the bypasses past Mthatha, Butterworth and Idutywa that the overall route will eventually bring will definetly shave 3 hours off for freight and 1-2 hours for light traffic.

Mlungu2, i traveled that road yesterday, brooks neck has always had dual lanes going up, (now under repair), i say yes do the bypass frn kokstad, past mthatha and all the rest, the problem lies in the mzamba, flagstaff and lusikisiki area's, (i stand corrected if im wrong)

Some interesting comments here guys. Mlungu, I am a bit confused about the route you're talking about. You mentioned a couple of times about the N2 between Mtata and Port Edward? You're correct when you talk about the N2 taking you from Mtata to Kokstad, however, from here it does not go on to Port Edward? It passes various places like Harding, Padock and then heads North from Sheppie towards Durbs. The scenic route via Flagstaff and Lusikisiki can be found between Port Edward and Port St Johns...but is most definately not the N2. Some people mistakenly confuse the large highway between Sheppie and Port Edward (it passes Shelly Beach, Uvongo, Margate, Southbroom, Trafalgar, and many many other places) for the N2. Regarding the tolling plans for the Wild Coast, I personally feel that opening the area up to anyone and increasing the tourist flow would be a sad thing - from natures point of view. People who are currently prepared to head off into such a remote area, are generally people who have an appreciation for nature and far off places and respect their surroundings. These kind of people understand how difficult and time consuming it is to reach these secluded areas, so are more appreciative of it once there. If opened up to anyone with a car or mini-bus (look at Margate over New Years), I would worry that a new kind of tourist would leave his mark on what is a delicate and enchanting place. South Africa has fewer and fewer remote areas to explore, and this tolling of the Wild Coast would make one less place of peace, quiet and remoteness.

Stop blowing smoke. You don't even know the route. That road goes to Port Shepstone. And it's not the height of the Brooks Nek pass so much as the quality of the existing N2 and the congestion. Fix that, and bypass the towns, for a fraction of the cost, and you'll get 2 to 3 hours off for freight, and an hour or two for passenger vehicles. Plus a much safer, less stressful solution. When last did you drive through Qumbu?

Well, well, well, u really believe wot u write,...the toll rd will affect the eco system. every bridge that is built over a river affects that river, it silts up causing all sorts if problems in the future (so much 4 yr engineering marvels). The freight costs will continue 2 rise cos they will put in a toll gate or two. The "noble peasants" as u put it, are divided, but most don't want the road cos if u read wot 1 person wrote, u will see that their ancesters have 2 be removed and buried elswhere, besides the huge traumatic move 4 all the families involved. wud u like 2 b moved frm yr home where many gererations of yr family have lived and died?, no i think not! As far as tourists go, ask the thousands of hikers that hike through the wild coast, they want what is real, they stop over in certain "lali's" sleep over in a rondoval, eat the local's food etc, etc. then move on the next day. Wot pray tell will the tourists see of the true wild coast whilst travelling on this new tar road.... wot'they will see in frt of them is.....tar and more tar. Finally we get 2 job creation....yes there will b jobs, but wot about the thousands frm the same area who don't get jobs? Now just look at the figures of the people who voted here, 75% against the road....use it....don't use it, but if u do....think of Pareto's rule, then and only then will u know!!!!

Subjectively I’m in agreement with the proposal of the tall road not only because I grew up in Bizana, but objectively I strongly disagree with such a proposal. To cut matter short, on the later part, I don’t believe it’s proper to privatize public road. One of my political discussion documents that I wrote about the underdevelopment in Bizana rural areas I blame the prevailing attitude in that are particular the poor and its current leadership. The underdevelopment in those areas gives me no choice but to agree with the proposal of tall road so that there can be job opportunities for the unemployed. In the discourse, what is amazing about the rural people of those areas is to be spectator of their own game. If underdevelopment is ravaging the poor, the unemployed and the youth of Baleni,Mpisi,xholobeni,gumzana,makwantini,mhlalandlini,nkondwane,msikaba,khanyayo and many more should wake up and stand for their rights especially their basic rights. Water, electricity, road and houses Regard Monwabisi Ncayiyana

Part One of a two part update on the Wild Coast Mining and Troll Road will be broadcast on Monday 26 Sept on 50:50 on SABC 2 starting at 7.30pm. Other interesting items also feature. Part 2 will go out the following week on 3rd October. This will feature plans for the revival of eco-tourism, and the launch of a fund raising campaign to raise funds for local residents to challenge the N2 Wild Coast Toll road authorisation.

i so agree with anonymous,if you want what a big city has then move to the big city and the that side of the eastern cape has been ignored for years with its ever rotting roads and almost everything else, instead of improving those roads and maintaining beauty and serenity of the place you want to destroy it. you keep on sugar coating this making as if the local people will benefit from this which i think is selfish because i believe you do not give a damn about what is good and for them, another thing is the wild coast is so beautifull because of how it is now, you change that and it will never maintain the same sight or raise the same feelings it currently brings to peoples hearts. someone is talking about people being paid already to relocate away from the route of the road, which people are you talking about because my family and many others from where i come have not recieved any payment relating to this project.

The human being is the only species on the planet that will encroach upon his own well being. When will we realise that we are able to make a plan to fly over and travel around our Natural lands. WHEN WILL WE STOP SCREWING UP OUR NATURAL WORLD JUST BECAUSE TECHNOLOGY MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO DO SO> SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO RESIST THE TEMPATATION TO BE A LAZY DETRACTOR AND STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AS A CONSTRUCTIVE CONTRIBUTOR - TO KEEPING NATURE INTACT.

These are the words of one of the senior people in one of the mining companies involved with the titanium mining bid mentioned in private about consultations with the local communities to someone I know: 'We do not care what these people think, we are going to mine here.'

I agree that these companies, largely, don't care about the community and just want to make a big profit.

The Wild Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and is one of the most unspoilt coastlines in the world. It should be made a world heritage site and preserved. In a hundred years time, we will be so happy we did so, including the inhabitants of the area.

i think it should be made open so people can enjoy the beauty of the wild coast

What's stopping them from enjoying it without the tolled road?

i think this toll road is a bad idea, iv lived their most of my life and the place rocks the good people,culture and wild life, list is end less, i promise you the place is unique, this toll(N2) thing will bring noise pollution in the area which i think is not good for wild life,the solution is, they should fix the R61 road and try and to build a tunnel underground for N2 or just let go, iv seen people in JHB struggling to pay they E-toll bills, just imagine in our beautiful place how would it be, sometimes i ask my self why did we adapt the Western culture, cause today its taking our land from us,some times i just wish that our ancestors would wake up and help us fight this but its just a dream (king Madiba or king Thahli pleas wake up and help) , im sure that this cruel people will be defeated one day, and they become power less, i would love my child and grandchild to see the beautiful place for the gods, and breath the fresh air that is unpolluted, that i breath.i sure even if we are poor we still like our lifestyle and we are doing our best to get educated so we can get better jobs, not working in building N2 which will soon end. Can anyone help to stop this greediness please...

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