Hluleka Nature Reserve

Bookings for Hluleka, Dwesa and Silaka Nature Reserves can be made through:

Reservations : Head Office

  • Tel: 043-7019600
  • Fax: Fax: 086 6111623
  • E-mail: reservations@ecpta.co.za
  • For other enquiries please phone: Eastern Cape Tourism Board Umtata Booking Office
  • Tel: (047) 5315290 Fax (047)5315291


Hi there
Is there a number that i cn contact them on for accommodation enqueries?
thank you

Bookings for Hluleka, Dwesa and Silaka Nature Reserves can be made through:

Reservations : Head Office
Tel: +27 (0)43-705 4400 (main line)
Tel: +27 (0)43 742 4450
Fax: +27 (0)43 742 5566
e-mail link: reservations@ecparksboard.co.za

For other enquiries please phone:
Eastern Cape Tourism Board
Umtata Booking Office
Tel: (047) 5315290 Fax (047)5315291


this helps in the improvement of rural areas. also attracts more tourists and at same time more cultures are explored because of the people inhabiting there.

Their number has changed for reserve bookings, and is now 043-7054400

The ECPB office says that the chalets won't be open fro Christmas and can't give me rates or a date when they will be open for bookings. Please put up post when you hear they are open as ths has been going on for too long !!

Thanks for the info, Paul.

I used the number you gave and spoke to them; and apparently the other number does still work occasionally.

It seems there are 5 reservations clerks and a shortage of lines, though... so the trick is to try the other number if the primary line is engaged.

FYI. I also asked whether the new chalets are available for bookings yet, and unfortunately they aren't.

What a pity. I posted the original article over 6 months ago and virtually everything in the chalets was done already. I wonder why it's taking so long to complete?

It is very frustrating, I must say.

I do know that they were still completing the sewerage system and that the reserve road to the chalets was in need of repairs... but that was over 6 months ago.... and this interminable delay is absolutely ridiculous.

I've asked my friend Mark who runs the trading station there to find out what he can, and will follow it up. Am also drafting a letter to the management and board of EC Parks; because, amongst other things I would also like to know:

  • how the local community are meant to benefit, and why their social responsibility programs are MIA on their website?
  • how "average" tourists and backpackers are meant to experience the beauty of Hluleka whereas the daily rate for a chalet is expected to be > R1200, and will only sleep 4 people?
  • whether they can possibly consider turning the beautiful old stone lodge that has views of the river valley and the beach (which IMHO is the most beautiful one on the Wild Coast) into a low cost backpacker lodge?

    Will keep you posted.

  • Good one, Jeff. Appreciate your efforts here to find out what's going on. This wonderful part of the Wild Coast - which was left to the community as a Wildlife sanctuary by Mona Heard in 1974 (see Clive Dennison's recent book - "A Brief History of the Wild Coast") - is our natural heritage, to be enjoyed and appreciated by all South Africans. If the chalets are only going to be affordable by overseas tourists then it doesn't justify her gift to the nation. A backpacker's type lodge where hikers and passing visitors to this remote part can stay for a night or 2 is definitely required. Keep up the pressure on the ECPB to open it up for all !!

    Hi Jeff,

    I have just read your comments regarding the re-opening of Hluleka and am also getting very frustrated. I must have been phoning them monthly for at least the last year and nobody seems to know when it will be re-opened and what has been done. I have been 29th on the waiting list for about the last 6 months and have still heard nothing so I assume it not be open for Christmas.

    Did your friend from the trading store find anything out?


    Well yes and no.

    Apparently the places are already fully furnished, and it seems like everything is ready, but he didn't get to speak to anyone so I'm not sure what the holdup is.

    Would appreciate any feedback re Silaka Nature Reserve. We too have been on the waiting list for Hluleka for a while and have now decided to rather have a definite booking for our family celebration and have booked a few chalets at Silaka. We have not visited the area before and while the pics look lovely on the web it would be great to hear comments from anyone who has visited/ stayed there before. We are 3 families with small children so info on walks/beaches + fishing would be helpful. Thanks !

    Thanks for the efforts Jeff, we are also waiting in eager anticipation for another opportunity to visit Hluleka.
    We recently returned from Mkhambathi and heard rumors of simmilar plans to refurbish and possibly privatize the accomodation there - do you know if there is any thruth to this??
    The Wild Coast has always been a rustic getaway where maintenance of vacilities often don't receive the necessary attention, but it does make it an affordable getaway and adds to the character of the place in my opinion. Whereas refurbishment is necessary, it is a real pity if it puts the vacilities outside the financial reach of most normal SA citizens.
    Cheers Kobus

    We got back from a 2nd visit to Silaka on the 12th Jan. What an amazing place to go away to! The chalets have relatively recently been refurbished, no more monkey problems and security is no longer a problem. And for the wives, the chalets are now serviced too. We have 2 small children and they had an absolute ball on the beach and the surf is wonderful and flat for them to swim in. My husband is also an angler - he managed to catch some sand sharks and rock cod in the few days we were there. We are already planning our next trip - were hoping to give Hlukleka a try but if its not open we'll definitely be stopping by Silaka.

    Thanks so much for the thumbs up on Silaka, Debbie ! We can now look forward to our holiday without debating whether we should have held out for Hluleka - hopefully we can both look forward to future holidays there , assuming they are not exhorbitantly expensive. Appreciate the feedback !

    We love staying at Silaka. Word of caution - when we were there in mid-Jan 09, there was a bit of petty theft (not from us though) and monkeys were a bit of a problem - i wish people wouldn't feed them, because they become a real menace. This is a truly beautiful reserve, and we will definitely go back again and again!!!

    Appreciate the comment, thanks. We will have to take a few plastic snakes along to ward off the monkeys and leave any valuables at home. My sister also mentioned that there have been a couple of shark attacks in the area which is a bit concerning. We are looking forward to our holiday regardless and will post my own feedback when we are back mid-April. Is fresh fish etc readily available from local fishermen in the reserve?

    Can you please provide me with the number that I can contanct for accommodation enquiries. I neede it urgently please.

    I passed through Hluleka on a PSJ - Coffee bay hike at end of July and the chalets are STILL NOT OPEN!! No one in the office (as it was a saturday) so no idea of what the problem is - heard rumours that they are waiting for an ESKOM line that would cost millions, but last time (jan) they said it was because of sewage / water connections so still no clearer why they haven't opened more than a year after completion. Apparently you can phone the Umthata offices of ECTB and put your name on a list which now runs at over 8 pages!

    Passed through Hluleka this December 2009, chalets all complete but still not open. The reason for not opening has something to do with their water supply/connection, but they would be open for bookings end January 2010 at a rate of R1200-00 per chalet per day. Awesome chalets and nice spot so lets see if they meet their January date...

    Hi all anyone know what it's like at Dwesa & Cwebe nature reserves, would like to stay at one of them during early Feb. Any feedback on experineces and or advice would be appreciated before I book. Thanks guys!

    We've booked a chalet for Easter Weekend and have no idea what to expect? Any info?

    Kindly provide me with a list of camping sites available at Hlukeka as well as the contact numbers where bookings can be made. Thank you

    Kindly provide me with a list of camping sites available at Hlukeka as well as the contact numbers where bookings can be made. Thank you

    contact Eastern Cape Parks 043 705 4400


    Hi, I am also trying to get bookings done for two years now. Can anybody tell us what is the uphold on this.

    I don't know what the holdup could be, apart from them waiting for electricity. That said, the lines were in place 5 months ago already. Maybe they're waiting for the proposed tar road which hasn't even gone to tender yet. I really don't know. When I phoned EC Parks and asked if they have an ETA, I couldn't get an answer. I also asked them to phone me back about Mkambati rates and availability, as the (apparently only) person who handles that was not available at the time; but I'm still waiting.

    Can anyone give me an idea of what Chalet conditions are like at Dwesa as Im wanting to stay there in July 2010? george

    Had a wonderful stay at Hluleka chalets in october for a week. Luxurious couches, beds, chairs, well equipped Kitchen with cutlery,crockery,glasses, large fridge and microwave. Gas 4 plate but no oven - there is a weber braai that you can use instead so bring charcoal. Staff not able to offer much info about hikes or walks but if you use common sense and a map there are outstanding coastal walks north and south. Challenge will be to maintain high standards - would like to thank very friendly and honest staff - we left an ipod behind and only realised 4 days later - we called and it had been handed in - management took it to east london for us. Overall well worth the wait and we will be back

    So I take it Hluleka is open again, at what cost might I ask?

    I have just phoned all of the numbers on this page to make a booking for my girlfriend and I to stay at Hluleka over the weekend, and surprise, surprise, not one of them was answered. Not even an answering machine to leave a message of inquiry. I guess it is just like everything else in this part of Africa. What a pity! Zan Lang.

    Hi there. Email me. I can book you into a nice beachfront or river front cottage. Self catering 20kms from port st johns with an english speaking fishing guide who can tell you everywhere where to go and what to do and what not to do. You can get there now in the dry weather with a normal car, but in the rainy season a 2x4 or 4x4 is better. Anything govt run is a bit unproffessionally run from a logistics perspective, but normally if you just rock up you can get accommodation. Regards Bronwyn jardinelandscapes@telkomsa.net

    Hi, thanks for your e-mail. What is security like down there? We had a close friend shot and killed in that area (PSJ) this year. Rather nervous to try the area again. Please email costs involved also: rose.dippenaar@webmail.co.za Regards ROSE

    Hi We were there in Oct 2010 and there were no problems with staff or cleaners and no theft. As long as you are in the reserve. But it is fairly small. The staff who were there could not advise us on walks etc so we pretty much explored ourselves. Went on very nice 2-3 hour walk along coast towards PSJ side. I would think this is fine but wouldn't do on my own. I read about the incident you refer to and it seems fairly isolated. But little consolation if you are that isolated incident.

    I definitely think that the crime rate has increased in PSJ over the years with the improvement of roads, infrastructure and influx of money and alcohol. Then again the crime rate down there will never in my life time be as bad as JHB, Durban or even Toti. I recently spent some time talking to a magistrate in Bizana. He said sometimes you get the bad ones coming down from umtata to PSJ and making trouble, but most of the crime in Transkei is domestic violence and petty theft. I have also noticed a lot of police and traffic cops around there in holiday season. Probably a deterant. They rely so heavily on tourism for their economy.

    Hi I phoned 043 7019600 and was helped by a lady called Sinazo.What a plesant experience she was so helpfull with the booking.She even mailed me photos of lodge. Thanks so much Sinazo!!!

    Please can you send me your prices, and availabilities for FebMarch2012 in the Hluleka Nature Reserve. Thank you kindly, Daryl Webster

    Good day I'd like to find out if you host weddings at Hluleka Reserve,Please respond at Simbongile.Mdletye@vcontractor.co.za

    Does anyone have pics of the chalet interior and exterior?, so I can get a better feel of the place.

    Hi, if you give me an E-mail address I can send you some photos of the chalets. They are beautifully finished. Zan.

    The chalets are beautfull. I have beautifull picture of every room inside . Send me a address to forward it to.

    The chalets re beautifull. Send me a address to forward the pictures to

    Hi there, Thank you so much for the responses. My email address is natalie@ghi.co.za I can't wait to see pics!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Hi guys, I have received pics of the bedrooms and the shower. Does anyone have pics of the rest of the place? If you do, could you please email them to me at natalie@ghi.co.za. I would really appreciate any pics. Thanks Natalie

    Iam looking for a nice camping spot near Hluleka reserve in the wild coast? ASAP please?

    I don't think you will find a safe camping place near Hluleka.

    Hey Has anyone stayed in these Chalets recently? looking for an idea on their condition and up keep?? Regards JT

    The chalets are great,

    Just got back on Sunday, Chalets are still excellent.

    Hi there, can you kindly please email me pics of the rooms to amyndema@yahoo.com Thanks:-)

    Hi Bronwyn. Small small world. You seem to be in touch with the Transskei. I want to spend a few nights this December January in the Transkei, but can only do it a night away at a time because of our animals. Any suggestions and availabilities/ contacts details? I would love your feedback. (My wife and I, her mom and my 3 yr son). Kind regards, best for the festive season, Roland (Ex Durotech)

    Hi there does anyone have pictures of the inside of the chalets and know how many rooms there are? are both rooms upstairs with a sea view?

    Please email pics of the rooms

    Hi hi!! I don't have pics of the rooms. But its very nice and beautifull. MORE THAN worth the money an time to spend a few days there! You wont make a mistake. I were there before. Iam a medical student from mthatha, so please feel free to mail me if you need any further info about the transkei, i know it quite good!! haarhoffjohan@yahoo.com

    We went anyway in April and it was amaaaaazing, we will be going back again... What a place have fallen in love with it! Thanks for the reply! :)

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