Gigis Pub and Accommodation

Gated complex with 5 Self catering units which sleep from 4 to 7 people each.

Each rondavel is fully equipped and has a view from its deck.

Camping sites available

Convenient 5 minute walk to the beach and 10 minutes to the famous icon of the Wild Coast: Hole in the Wall.


We spent two weeks at Gigi's P & A. It was absolutely fantastic! Greg and Catherine are the best - not to forget Kelly and Shaun. The accommodation is spacious and had everything we needed. We had the time of our life and will definitely return to this wonderful place and the fabulous hosts.

charges per self catering unit Nex year March2010

Looking for a double room ensuite for the night of Jan 10th!

Hi, price list please of Gigis pub and accomadation, is this area wheelchair friendly?my son is in wheelchair.

I'm not sure of their rates or wheelchair friendliness. Please give Greg a ring on 084-582 7210.

Hi Please email me a price list for September 2010 Regards

Please could you let me know the date of the White Clay 21,1km race is, I can only find info on last years race.

The next 21.1km "White Clay Cross Country Challenge" is on the 28 August 2010.


Hi, Do you have any availability for 4 adults for 2 or 3 nights during the week 4/5 to 4/9/2010? Thanks, Etienne Laguna Beach California

Yes we do have availability for 4 persons at Coram Deo lodge. This is a selfcatering unit at R225.00 per person per night. (approx US$30 per person per night)

Can we please have a price from 2 april 2010 to 5 april 2010 for 4 adults. Regards. Lisinda Scriven

Please can you tell me the prices for accomodation over Christmas 2010 and if the lodges are available?

Hi there I am looking for accomodation for 2 adults for the night of Wednesday 12 May. If available, what will the price be? Regards Morne

I believe the unit rates are R400 out of season, and R600 during peak seasons. You'll have to phone the cell number listed above to confirm availability.

Hi, Would you please send through a price list for April 2011. Kind Regards, Lindsey

We enjoyed a lovely week at Gigi's. The weather was not too good though, but nice to just relax and do nothing. Thank you Michael for all the trouble to make our stay comfortable :-) Just a warning to anyone wishing to visit Hole in the Wall - DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER GOING WITH A NORMAL SEDAN CAR. We lost two tyres. The road is TERRIBLE! We would really recommend a 4x4 or high rise vehicle.

There's a private contractor currently working flat out on repairing the pot holes on the tar road. The last 30km to Coffee Bay is already perfect, and at the rate they're going it'll hopefully be completed in less than a month.

Hi there! - We are looking for accomodation for 2 adults for 2 nights: 20 and 21 December 2010. Please advise if you have accomodation. Thanks, Dale

Yes jeff - I agree with you, the road is being repaired (tar road) but the dirt road through Coffee Bay is not meant for sedan cars. Michael at Gigi's advised us to try another road which bypassed Coffee Bay completely. (to Mthata) Compared to the road through Coffee Bay this road is like a "highway" :-)

The road between Coffee Bay and Hole in the Wall is terrible! I still have to drive that way once a week or so in an aged, rusting, Hyundai Accent. And it kills me every time. Or rather the car. For anyone following this thread, and who happens to be coming to Hole in the Wall; please take the dirt road turnoff at Ngwangcuba Trading Station (about 19km before Coffee Bay). You can't miss it, there's a huge forest plantation there, a gigantic warehouse, and a clinic. Just past the turn you'll see a signboard on the right for Isidindi Clinic. If you see that and you're still on the tar, you've just missed the turn. If anyone needs clearer directions, feel free to drop me a pm at

Have just been to Wavecrest and it is totally unspoilt, we could leave door unlocked, as a female I could run on my own and feel safe. Should development happen this will not be as we know crime follows development. Just look at Hermanus and the Westcoast. Ecotourism will and uplifting communities through proper farming methods will be more beneficial than mining and another tar road. This feeling is echoed by the local population. But we all now greed and power is all important to some.

Hi - Please could you advise if you have accommodation for myself and 2 others from around 3 Jan 2011 for 5 nights. Thanks. Linda P.S. is it possible to get to your bungalows in a normal car?

Hi, I'd like to book for two nights on the 11th & 12th January 2011. Are these dates available and how do I go about making the booking? thanks John

Hi I would like to know if it is possible to book one or two self catering units from 29th december to 3 january. And what are the rates? Regards Dalton.F Steenmans

looking for a place to go and spend my 2011 and hole in the wall is the place to be

Hi There Any idea of when the event is taking place in 2011?? Thanks Sharon

It was some time ago that we stayed at Gigi's. The place was clean then. I was glad to get home though. We lost 2 tyres going there but took another road back (explained to us by Greg's brother} Yes = you are right, there is no Greg and Catherine or pub what so ever.

Interesting... I drove from Umtatha to Hole in the Wall with My Subaru Impreza WRX with ease and that on low profile road tyres. The stretch of tar was badly potholed but nothing you cannot negotiate between 40-60km/h... did not hit one pothole. The 23km gravel road however was very nice to drive on. From Umtatha side you DO NOT need ground clearance.

Oh good for you....we are not so fortunate to have such a behemoth as yours to travel in - only a Golf Sedan. We will never go to Hole in the Wall again. I still maintain a person should be warned that the roads are in a sorry state.

You completely misread my post. My car is lower then your Golf sedan, so it is better for you. You remind me of the guy I bumped into when I got to PSJ Cremorne campsite. He had a Nissan Navara & refused to go to Hole-in-the-Wall cos it is a gravel road lol. If you're patient enough to do 40-60km/h you can get there with any car.

I know the road has improved since we where there last. We could not even travel at 60kmh. We virtually "crept" through the potholes. It was terrible. On our way back home they started fixing the road but with the heavy traffic (taxi's taxi's!!!!) the potholes will be back in no time LOL!!!!!

I am interested, can you supply me with more detail please i.r.o management couple vacancy.

Hi Jan, In answer to your query about Gigi's Pub and Grill. At the time of our stay there was no Pub or Grill. It did not bother us though as the unit was selfcatering. The braai places outside where very very nice so we just did our own "Pub & Grill"! The unit was cleaned everyday. All the accommodation at Hole in the Wall is far from all the fishing spots. I can really refer you to White Clay, seems to be nearer to beach and have their own restaurant. The road from Coffee Bay was also very bad but I think it has been repaired since. Hope you enjoy your stay. Please send another email if you do not know the alternative way to Hole in the Wall instead going through Coffee Bay. Regards Marie and Wesley

Place available from 19-21 July 2013 for 8 people? costs?

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